Mikes Dyno Day at Lee's Performance

I recently had the opportunity to dyno my Impala at Lee's Performance Dynojet shop near my Brother's place in Charlotte, NC. It was quite an experience straping that 2-ton behemouth down and winding it out in third gear 7 times. I did several runs with the hypertech tuning installed and then a couple of stock runs. Below is a composite graph of the HP and torque curves for two hypertech and one stock pull, along with some of the data I recorded during the runs with Scott Knight's Diacom software. You can also see detailed graphs of the O2 sensor, the MAF and injector pulse widths , and the spark advance.

As you can see from the curves, the HPP+ is worth some power. This amounts to around 8 HP at the low end of the rpm range and 4 HP at the top end. One thing I found interesting was the stock rev limiter kicking in at only 5100 rpm. I adjusted that to 5500 for the two hypertech runs shown below. When I programmed the Hypertech with the stock rev limiter set, it also limited at 5100 rpm. Based on the analysis, it is pretty clear that the power improvements from the hypertech come exclusively from a 2-3 degree timing advance. I will be updating this page as I get feed back from my fellow Impalers on this data.


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