2000 Impala unveiling at the 1999 International Auto Show

Impala lovers,

Some see it as blasphemy, others as just inevitable. Like it or hate it, the General has decided to produce a new front wheel drive passenger car and call it Impala. Well, the PR agency that got the contract for the 2000 Impala press show contacted MISSL director Howard Lutz looking for a stock black 1996 Impala to include in the show.

To make a long story short, I was lucky enough to have my SS included in that press show along with 3 other "real" Impala's. My car (sans Bonneville seats) graced the stage with pristine 1959, 1965 and 1972 Impalas. Wife.com and I got to attend the event. As part of this ordeal I had to give up my car from its comfortable hibernation for a spruce up and "re-stocking" by the shop that does all the Chevrolet concept cars. The family and I got to go see all of the classic and yet-to-be-announced 2000 Impalas at the shop on New Years Eve, 1998. \

Personally, I like the looks of the car, with the exception of the rear facia, but I would have preferred if they called it something else or made it rear wheel drive. There were 4 2K Impalas at the shop, one of which was a prototype with chrome wheels which will not be an available option. The shop manager was nice enough to let me take some photos, with the promise that I did not make them public until after the official unveiling on January 4th.

Another VERY cool benefit of donating my car was a limited edition press kit (mine says number 148 out of 350 embossed on the bottom)

Below are some pictures I acquired during this event. Enjoy.

Pics of the show Impalas at the Chevy Toy Box:
Front facia | Front view | Interior shot | Rear Quarter view | Left side view | Rear Facia |
Real Impala's! From front to back, 1996 (My car), 1972, 1965, 1959 (see the 2K Impala in the background)

Pictures of the press event:
The 2000 Impala Press Event at the 1999 North American International Auto Show

Click here for pictures of the limited edition 2000 Impala press kit.

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