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My brother found this sweet 5 speed drop top in Atlanta.  Fortunately, he was not in the market for another project, so I was able to obtain it.  I have done all the maintenance on this since I got it.  It’s not extremely powerful, and the back seat is only good for groceries, but it does hug the corners like no car I have ever had before.  It is my daily driver and I love it!  I can almost park it under the Chevy.  Update: After being t-boned by a huge buck in New Jersey, I sold this to my son-in-law for the family price of $1500.  He was rear-ended in Baltimore and collected $3000 from insurance (no one was hurt) - lucky kid (he got  my daughter too!).




Click here to see how I fixed the automatic convertible top problem I was having

Click here to see how I finally converted the automatic convertible top to manual operation


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